The BIC速 phone publicity campaign


The BIC速 phone is a simple mobile, 100% ready to go. Launched on the 7th of August, it is the result of a partnership between BIC and Orange. Already very well known thanks to the media coverage generated by its launch, the BIC速 Phone will further its fame with this poster/Internet publicity campaign as of the 13th of October. It is displayed on billboards and Internet banners all over France:

  • 11,000 billboards and posters throughout the entire country
  • Internet banners on websites that target potential users of the BIC速 phone (general-interest sites, classified ad sites or sites dedicated to expatriates and tourists in France ).

The Vanksen agency has created and developed an entire line of communication tools which promote the image of the BIC速 phone: simple, efficient and cheeky.

On the launch of this publicity campaign, Val辿rie Ballestra and Vincent Parachini, project managers for the BIC速 phone for the BIC Group, state: The aim of this advertising campaign is to increase the fame of the BIC速 phone and to strongly communicate the concept of a 100% ready to go mobile to consumers.

For this publicity campaign, Orange has chosen to use BIC速s graphic identity (tone, colors) and thus to create a real breakthrough within the mobile telephone universe adds Laure Jouffre, Oranges Marketing Director and Damien Rouchouse, Marketing Manager for Prepaid Services.

In addition, the website will allow Internet users to discover the BIC速 phone and its full offer in detail.