Orange and BIC速 launch the BIC速 phone in France


The BIC速 phone is ready to go! It comes with 60 free minutes, the battery charged, and the SIM card already in place.n With the BIC速 phone, you pay as you go, with a prepaid mobicarte refill card. The BIC速 phone is easy to use since it focuses on cell phone basics: sending and receiving calls and SMS. The BIC速 phone pack will be easy to find. It will be sold over the counter, in major supermarkets and local convenience stores (tobacco shops, newsstands, train stations, airports), and will be available as of the back to school period, at a suggested retail price of 49 including tax. The BIC速 phone will be sold in Metropolitan France only. Available in citrus orange and lime green, with innovative packaging, the BIC速 phone will appeal to consumers who like easy-to-use and pay as you go products. It also meets specific phoning requirements, serving as a back-up phone if needed (e.g. a second line when advertising the sale of an apartment, a car ... which leaves the main phone line free). The Orange and BIC速 partnership brings an original and high-quality offer that is designed for everyone. Orange provides its technical knowledge about telephone and service quality, while simplicity and quality at the right price have been BIC速 values for over 50 years.

The BIC速 phone offer in detail:

  • The BIC速 phone offer includes 60 free minutes, valid for 2 months from the time the phone is activated.
  • In order to receive all 60 minutes of free time, clients must identify themselves to Orange service agents.
  • The telephone number, which is included in the pack, is valid for at least 12 months from the time the phone is activated.
  • The BIC速 phone is manufactured by TCL which sells its mobiles under the Alcatel brand.
  • Suggested retail price: 49 including tax.

Addendum: BIC phone is not a disposable phone. It is sold with a rechargeable battery, included in the pack and when your 60 minute credit is over, you can buy more credit with a prepaid mobicarte.